By WalkingTree   January 21,  2021

Exploring Flutter’s AnimatedSwitcher widget

Flutter’s AnimatedSwitcher widget lets you switch between various widgets with an animation, the default animation will be the fade transition. 

How to start with the AnimatedSwitcher widget? 

  • First, start by creating the front and rear widgets
  • Use the AnimatedSwitcher widget to animate
  • Then code a custom transition to rotate the widget
  • Lastly, add curves

If the new widget is the same type of widget having a similar key as the old ones, then AnimatedSwitcher will not perform a transition between them because they are the same widget technically. 

When you use the AnimatedSwitcher widget, by default, you’ll get to see the fade transition, and there is much more you can do. For example, the ScaleTransition or the RotationTransition. You can also change the layout of the widget by using the LayoutBuilder parameter. You can also set the animation time in the code. 

Check out Flutter’s widget of the week video down below for a better insight on the AnimatedSwitcher widget.


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