By WalkingTree   April  29, 2020

Expect the Unexpected Dealing with Errors in Large Web Apps

Large web applications can get too complex to be bug-free. It is important to know various errors in your application and the correct ways to solve it for proactive monitoring of applications and for maintaining a healthy application. Errors can sometimes be turned into exceptions so that they can be handled within the code itself. Errors can usually be easily avoided by simple checks.

You can face many types of code errors in JavaScript, such as:

  • Errors in the server
  • Displaying errors to a user
  • JavaScript errors and generic handling
  • Syntax errors
  • Runtime errors, and many more.

But how would you deal with errors in a large scale application? Join the Virtual SenchaCon for their session on Expect the unexpected: Dealing with Errors in Large Web Apps to know about error monitoring in your JavaScript application and some tricks on how to reproduce errors easily. 

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