e-User Access Management
Limit the amount of unnecessary access privileges granted to users, reducing the risk associated with those privileges.
Any location, any environment, on any device – connect and control users to the right level of access securely

eUAM enables you to identify and control individual network users’ responsibilities and access privileges, as well as the circumstances in which those privileges are granted (or denied). Customers or workers are examples of users.

User Access Management’s main goal is to digitally identify each individual to ensure the right usage of company’s data. After establishing a digital identity, it must be retained, updated, and tracked during each user’s “access lifecycle.”

Modern Identity Solutions to Secure Access

Our solution enables you to link everyone to the services they need, from any device while ensuring that all access is safe. Helps you ensure that only the appropriate people have access, and check user identities discreetly when they log in and during the session.

Any toxic combinations of entitlements can be identified easily by using artificial intelligence (AI) to make smarter, better-informed decisions on how to change users’ access. Control is maintained by the IT department through well-defined approval processes and complete audit trails.

Why eUAM


Provides a Paperless Solution for User Access and Inventory Management, facilitating better command, control, compliance regarding access to any device, facility and tools.


Designed for Controlling Access of File Servers, Active Directory, Operating Systems, Applications/Subscriptions, and Any Other Tools with generic need

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Targeted for Enterprises with multiple offices, departments, hierarchies, roles, entities and workflows


Suitable for different types of users, including FTEs, Contractors and Visitors


Specially developed for Pharmaceutical Companies by incorporating the need of System Owner, Technical Owner, cGxP Compliance and QMS Compliance

eUAM features

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Access Management

  • Create and Modify Access Requests
  • Deactivate and Reactivate Access
  • Consideration for Training Needs
settings (2)

Device/App Configuration

  • Device/App Inventory Configuration
  • Device/App  Inventory Review/Audit
  • Device/App  Inventory Template

Workflow and Approval

  • Custom & Configurable workflow
  • Approval Delegation
administrator (1)


  • Role based menu access
  • Bulk Upload – Legacy data 
  • Custom Email Template

Audit Trail and Reporting

  • Rich Reporting
  • Inbuilt Audit Trail
  • Reports as per the auditor’s need

eUAM Benefits

Gain overview and control of eUAM

With an intuitive interface, users with the right privileges can add, delete, or change user access in minutes, as well as get an instant, thorough summary of identities and access. For application owners, end-users, and system managers, it simplifies the signup, sign-in, and user management processes. makes providing and managing access easy, which increases user satisfaction.

Optimize IT resources by delegating workload

Password resets and other profile maintenance are achieved without the use of IT resources. Being a self-service option all the related paperwork is eliminated. By moving the workload from IT to management, IT specialists will concentrate on more engaging and important tasks.

Reduce onboarding/offboarding time

With eUAM’s structured access rights you can automatically apply the applicable IT policies to each new identity added to the system and then give them the necessary permissions. Easy workflows ensure that approved access is granted automatically and immediately, removing the need for a series of support requests while reducing the onboard and offboard time.

Restrict unauthorized access

Job functions provide access that is tailored to each worker’s needs based on their role, type, place, and job responsibilities. This guarantees that no one has access to the knowledge they shouldn’t have.

Easily manage access for visitors

Traveling workers can be given access depending on their position using our hybrid ABAC/RBAC model. Contractors and other temporary staff may be provided access for a fixed period.

Make audits an opportunity to shine

Every user action performed via eUAM is logged provides a means to log data consistently and enables correlation of events and transactions. Audit topics, such as access and activity, can be configured independently delivering the data you want to the appropriate business services.

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