By WalkingTree   June 02, 2020

How enterprises can overcome barriers to DevOps
  • Resistance to the unknown 

Developers are constantly looking for reason as to how doing new things will benefit. DevOps team leads duty is to provide stats, and real-time examples to get the whole team excited. 

  • Collaboration challenges

DevOps aims to improve the collaboration between the Development and Operation team. A DevOps lead can be a mediator between these two and help them cooperate.    

  • Obstacles to experimentation

Teams and individuals might be a bit hesitant with new software or processes, mainly because of a fear of failure. DevOps leads can lead their team out of the sandbox and experiment more.

  • Complexity in architecture

Interoperability is one of the core features of DevOps, which enables teams to interact between IT and business units. But this design brings in many faults as well. Microservices can help mitigate these problems.

  • Planning and measuring

A DevOps project cannot be successful without proper planning. Again, this is where the DevOps lead needs to step in and implement DevOps in existing projects. 

  • Limitations

Continuous delivery (CD) enables fast and automated deployment of code. It is important for CD to reflect the developer’s work and organizations have to include coders when planning workflows. 

Read on to know more about the barriers of DevOps and how to solve them.


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