By WalkingTree   August 03, 2020

How enterprise companies use DevOps to shave months off the development cycle

DevOps is a set of best practices, team structures, and tools that together form a methodology that enables companies to quickly release software and implement changes and fixes. If executed correctly, it has the potential to take months off the development process. 

Companies from various industries have used the time-saving benefits of DevOps in recent years, and while the methodology isn’t a cure-all, companies like Sony Pictures Entertainment KeyBank and UBS have shown DevOps can be transformative when implemented correctly. 

Sony Pictures Entertainment

They developed a continuous delivery system using the AWS infrastructure that enables software to be automatically tested throughout the development cycle and released with just one click.


The key to the KeyBank’s success was the use of containers, specifically Kubernetes. By using containerization and test automation, they reduced the time it takes to deliver infrastructure from months to minutes. This includes platform-provisioning activities, such as operating system installation, platform installation, and testing cycles.


UBS is the world’s fifth-largest wealth management organization. To address customer feedback and requests more quickly UBS created a “digital factory playbook,” which adopts scaled Agile software development practices and DevOps engineering. The playbook was designed to increase the speed at which software could be released and ensure that the UBS global engineering team had a single set of best practices and methodologies to follow. 

Read on to know more about DevOps and how these companies are using it.


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