Course Description

The course is ideal for developers who need to develop an enterprise grade application using AngularJS:

The course covers all the aspects of the AngularJS library. It also covers all the tools that one shall use to set up their end-to-end development workflow to make their overall development life-cycle very effective.

It covers different aspects/concerns of an application from enterprise perspective – architecture, localization, theming, build, packaging, and best practices.

Objectives: You will learn

  • Mastering AngularJS concepts
  • Building and testing a single-page application
  • Creating enterprise grade application with solid architectural foundation
  • Building responsive view
  • Integrating with remote data sources
  • Unit and E2E Testing

Course Details


  • JavaScript fundamentals, (X)HTML, CSS

Duration: 5 Days
Course Fee:
On-site at your location:

  • INR 65,000/participant for first six participants
  • INR 52,000/participant for seventh participant and beyond + taxes as applicable.

Live Online Session:

  • INR 65,000/participant + taxes as applicable

Location: On-site at your location,Open session, Live Online Training

Course outline


  • Core Concepts
  • Introduction to AngularJS


  • Writing
  • Running
  • Debugging
  • Documentation


  • Why Architecture is important?
  • MVC
  • Application Structure
  • Tools
  • Lab 1


  • Building Blocks
  • Template
  • Directive
  • Expression
  • Lab 2
  • Filters
  • Lab 3
  • Form Controls
  • Lab 4

View Controllers

  •  Introduction
  • Working with $scope
  • Lab 5
  • Nested Controllers and scope inheritance
  • Lab 6
  • When to use?

View Models and Data Binding

  • Data Binding in Classical Templating system
  • Data Binding in Angular Template
  • One-time Binding
  • One-way Binding
  • Two-way Binding
  • Lab 7
  • How to benefit?

Sending and Receiving Data

  • $http
  • $q and the Promise
  • Deferred API
  • Promise API
  • Chaining Promises
  • Lab 8
  • Working with RESTful resources
  • Response Interception
  • Lab 9
  • Security Considerations


  • Responsive Design
  • Routes
  • Lab 10

Going into Production

  • Localization
  • Lab 11
  • Theming
  • Lab 12
  • Accessibility
  • Build
  • Lab 13

Testing in Angular

  • Unit Testing
  • End-to-end Testing
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