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Empowering eCommerce with Digital Innovation

About the Client

Our client has carved a niche within men’s fashion with their great quality product, exceptional commitment, and top of the line fashion. The company maintains an intricate process from designing to manufacturing premium quality garments. To quote Mark Twain, ‘rumors of the death of brick & mortar retail are greatly exaggerated’. While this still holds true, online presence comes with its own set of advantages starting with 24×7 availability to sheer convenience. An adept implementation of digital presence was pressed on by Walking Tree upon the client, to stay ahead in the rapidly changing market.


Customers want the products they want, when they want them, and at the best price. The challenge was to create an immersive digital presence. In the last few years, the Internet has transformed a consumers buying journey. The buying decision is not just based on what is available in retail outlets. These days, a consumer uses digital media to look at the available options, compares the price, the ease of buying, read about the presence and reputation, and so on. Without an effective digital presence, a business simply cannot compete, let alone staying ahead. Our client was presented with challenges such as:

  • Create a customized eCommerce solution
  • Connect with consumers on a digital platform
  • Keep the existing consumers engaged with the brand
  • Improve digital presence and efficiency in the eCommerce world
  • Implement digital tools to bridge the gap between the consumer’s expectations and experience.
  • Improve efficiency in the consumers buying journey

Why WalkingTree?

Walking Tree Technologies is a trusted technology partner for several eCommerce businesses in their digital transformation journey. We understand the nitty-gritty involved in the eCommerce business and how the power of digital technology can be harnessed to empower our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their pain points and then use our domain and technology expertise to implement customized solutions.

Our Solution

Bridging the gap between our client and the end-user expectation was one of the primary goals. We had to upgrade current technology stack, implement new digital tools, and create customized solutions to help our clients with a result-oriented digital presence.

Core platform building: 

The first step towards a digital journey was to establish their presence. We built eCommerce application with features such as:

A content management system is at the core of eCommerce platform. We used ReactJS to build a content management system to create, manage, and modify content with ease.
The client has several stores across the country, and we unified all the data and store features into one universal digital platform.
Catalog Building
We built a digital catalog wherein it is very easy for users to navigate and understand the color, size, material, cost, and so on. On the other hand, the business can directly add details to the catalog with great ease as well. A standard pricing format helps to modify prices as and when needed.
Shop Configuration
We converted the complete physical store to a digital format. Consumers can get an experience of a shop on the website or application. For example, buying fabric and giving measurements for stitching can be done digitally by the consumers.
Search and order
Built a feature wherein consumers can easily search and order the suits. From thousands of fabrics and suit designs available, it is easy to navigate and order.
Payment Gateway
Configured the ease of payment on the store. Built custom gateway to receive payments from applications such as Razorpay, Paypal, and so on.
Enabled end-users to receive timely notifications of any new modifications, news, and so on.
This feature was designed to help end-user be in control after buying the product. Now user had an option to rate the product and inform the others about his experience.

Other such useful features we added were shopping cart, store page, signup, and wishlist.

Reduced Lead Time

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp is an efficient tool in keeping the clients engaged with products, services, and recent updates. We implemented this multichannel marketing platform to help our client in reaching out to new consumers and keep existing consumers engaged. With features such as automatic emails, running ads on web, ROI and results graph, the Mailchimp integration opened doors to immense potential.

Reduced Lead Time

GST Invoice Generation

GST (Goods and Service Tax) came into effect since 1st July 2017. We implemented the GST invoice generation that was customized to the client and worked with different formats to help their end-users. Rather than worrying about the different taxes when dealing with state, country, and foreign consumers, the GST Invoice generation simplifies it to just a few clicks on the screen.

Reduced Lead Time

Dashboard Implementation – Query Builder

End users were empowered with the dashboard implementation. The dashboard provides the admin with an option to create queries. For example, admin can easily modify products or groups of products based on demand. This feature helps the user to look for any past documentation or relevant details with great ease.

Reduced Lead Time

Digital Marketing Tools

The digital marketing tools equipped our client with the necessary data and tools to be effective in marketing. We integrated tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other such similar tools that help them optimize user-centric digital marketing campaigns.

Reduced Lead Time

Quick Email Update for Error Logs

As an eCommerce business, there are many things that go wrong on the technology front. However, a quick email update for error logs is sent to the developers. This equips the developers with timely updates and fixes on the frontend or backend to help a business function smoothly.

Reduced Lead Time

Freshdesk Integration

Integration of Freshdesk helped bridge the gap between end-users problems and solutions from our client. Now the consumers do not need to write lengthy emails or make a phone call to address their concerns. Freshdesk is a customer support platform that helps users easily raise a ticket and get on-time resolution.

Reduced Lead Time

3D View

The 3D view is a pilot feature implemented to check the adaptability in the market. It gives a real-life visual experience of how a particular suit will look. The view helps a consumer decide on whether or not a particular color, fit, size, and fabric will look good on his body type, skin complexion, and body size. Due to limitations at this point in time, we are awaiting further digital enhancements at the consumer level before we roll this out in production.

Reduced Lead Time

Application Dev Approach

We use a combination of UI/UX, Agile and DevOps for web and mobile app development. In this project, we used a combination of lean UX and Agile methodology to ensure that every touchpoint gives an excellent experience to the users.


Equipped with the right digital tools and technology, our client could reach out to the market with the services that the customers demand. Being visible, attractive, packed with user-friendly and custom features, the business can now not only attract new consumers but also keep the existing ones engaged and interested in their products.

Here are some tangible benefits experienced by our client:

Reduced Lead Time

Increased Revenue

Our client has experienced increased revenue. The digital platform on web and mobile apps have attracted many new consumers to the business. On the other hand, a user-centric design and simple to use application had an impact on the buying decision. The buying decision of a consumer is on their fingertips and this increased the revenue.

Reduced Lead Time

Consumer engagement

There is an increased level of consumer engagement compared to earlier. Social media handles, application use, emails, and notifications are keeping consumers engaged with all the latest updates. Digital marketing tools are helping our clients understand the pulse of their end-users and deliver accordingly. 

Reduced Lead Time

Quick Sale

The Journey from manufacturing to designing and delivering a finished product is quicker. The digital tools enable purchase with just a touch of a button and this, in turn, has reduced the manual processes.

Reduced Lead Time

Brand Recognition

The brand is not just known in the city or country but has quickly scaled up to become a globally renowned brand. Digitalization helped to uncover the finest offerings from our clients to the world. Digital tools at their disposal greatly simplified the brand marketing efforts as they focused on delivering premium quality fabrics and great customer support.

Our Offering

At WalkingTree, we have a proficient team for software development, efficient quality assurance, and technology operations. We make effective use of Javascript and PHP based eCommerce frameworks to help our customers take advantage of web and mobile experience.

Do visit and connect with us for the next steps.



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