eGov Foundation

DevOps Solutions For Government Services – Reduce Downtime, Enable Easier Implementation and Maintenance


This service provider is a public digital platform built to solve urban challenges with speed and at scale. It provides opportunity for co-creation and scaling diverse solutions.

We helped them with:

  • Automate testing of incremental builds through an automated system called Deployment Pipeline
  • Implement DevOps solutions and automate pipeline to eliminate redundancies, and allow rapid product iterations.


Solution scope included:

  • Reduced Downtime: Thought out process automation across all stages of development, within IT and DevOps, helped to significantly bring down maintenance time.
  • Implementation: Better collaboration, improved transparency, and automation, empowered eGov to implement solutions to states much faster.
  • Maintenance: Transparency between operations and development teams brought front clarity. 


  • Automation of CI/CD for fast deliveries 
  • DevOps implementation 
  • TAT Improvement
  • Deployment pipeline for testing automation
  • Improve flexibility in implementing services
  • Improve maintenance of microservices
  • Improve collaboration across government departments
  • Pricing logic and contracts 
  • Providers master database 
  • R reporting system 
  • DevSecOps as Security systems for eGov Foundation and other government agencies. 
  • Customer support 
  • System records and updates 
  • Tech stack for process improvement


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