By WalkingTree   August 17, 2020

DevOps Health Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the powers that be, to quickly develop and deliver effective telehealth services, facilitating access to electronic health records and other sensitive patient data to ensure these all run smoothly. 

This has increased the need for DevOps and database DevOps processes, with 41% of respondents in the healthcare sector saying they have adopted DevOps across some projects to increase the speed of delivery. 

Key findings of the healthcare sector 

  • Database DevOps adoption is rising: 70% of respondents have adopted DevOps across their projects. About 41% have moved beyond the PoC stage, compared to 36% across other sectors like government or financial services. 
  • Automation frontrunner: The healthcare sector is way ahead of others in adopting automation. The top three reasons for adoption are mainly to free up developer time, increase the speed of delivery, and reduce the risk of data loss.
  • Move to the cloud: Like other industries, the healthcare sector is making its way to the cloud with 42% saying they are using the cloud in some way. However, this number is sure to increase as more adopt DevOps processes in remote medical services.
  • Database deployments on the rise: There’s a significant jump in the frequency of database deployments for 2020, with 51% in healthcare saying they deploy changes weekly or even daily. 

Read on to know more about DevOps and how it can transform the healthcare industry.


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