By WalkingTree  January 27,  2021

DevOps for the development of high-performance applications

DevOps experts understand that creating an efficient high-performing application goes hand-in-hand with four key objectives of digital transformation i.e extending performance testing to new roles, integration into CI/CD processes, performance monitoring, and continuous optimization. 

Reduce cycle time

In order to meet the requirements of high-quality application delivery, software teams need an approach that goes beyond conventional performance testing. DevOps approaches provide faster and more efficient development. Using agile approaches and validating features as they are created ensures that applications are tested and verified more quickly.

Shift left to increase agility 

To address issues as early as possible in the application delivery cycle, tests should be conducted during the build stage of the development process. By shifting left,  running the tests as early as possible, reduces the risk of discovering errors after significant amounts of development work have been completed. 

Hybrid landscape

DevOps tools can help simplify the cloud transition while continuing to provide support for legacy applications. These hybrid tools are integrated into existing application development processes, allowing application delivery teams to successfully transition to DevOps without leaving any teams behind. 

Read on to know more about DevOps and the development and delivery of high-performance applications.


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