By WalkingTree   June 29, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a noticeable effect on how businesses operate throughout the world. Remote work, for now, is the new normal. According to recent research, roughly about 50% of Americans have started working from home. While some have adapted to this change quickly, there are yet some who are struggling. 

A business can utilize about 100 home locations instead of one. But to make it possible it all comes down to the IT department. DevOps is certainly booming right now. 

The need for reliable software has only increased during this pandemic. Millions of people own mobile phones and this huge number can affect the speed of an app. This is where DevOps steps in. DevOps has the ability to sync, organize, and automate the new software releases. If you look at the design, it is made for remote operations. However, it also remains viable for operations that take place in the office or any other outside location. 

In this era of COVID-19, companies may want to work in an office building one week and from home the next. It is the software you need for the world you live in. However, DevOps can be a challenge for individuals at companies, who already have so much to do and also adapt to the DevOps model.

At this point, it just comes down to companies finding the right people who have the necessary technical and soft skills to bring the benefits of DevOps to their workplaces.

Read on to know more about DevOps and how it can save your business during this pandemic.


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