By WalkingTree   May 21, 2020

Many organizations are moving towards DevOps. It has helped IT developers and operations teams to work and collaborate for smoother operations. According to the latest Github survey, about 30% of developers define their work, 14% are on a step ahead, and monitor their infrastructure. Furthermore, 18% of developers instrument the code of production monitoring, and 12% serve as an escalation point. 

Also in the same survey, only 30% of the developers are deep into DevOps but if you look at a larger perspective about 73% of developers are doing DevOps at least once a year. But developers are missing more of the bugs at the early stages of the project. 

With every organization actively looking for open-source software, we have DevOps promising to deliver better results and get better. Whereas, DevSecOps has a lot more work to do. Read on to know more about why DevOp is doing better than DevSecOps.


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