By WalkingTree   June 08, 2020

Deploying Microservices Using Serverless Architecture

Serverless or also known as FaaS – Function as a service, is an architecture wherein the cloud provider is responsible for running the code, allocating resources, and the best part is that the customer only pays for the execution time. The code is usually inserted in containers which can later be triggered by various event such as HTTP requests, database events, queues, etc. 

Let’s see how you can deploy microservices using a serverless architecture. The first step is to turn the code to serverless architecture and deploy it in the cloud. But how will functions be accessible from outside the cloud? It can be done through the internet. API gateway is a great option for doing so. It is the front door to access various services in the cloud. 

Since the serverless function is only pieces of code, they are too small to be considered as microservices, they are more like nano services. A single function can be too small to execute complex tasks. Well, in this case, we use a set of functions that are working together and API gateway as aggregators. Finally, the functions are going to store the data in the NoSQL and SQL serverless database. The last step is to implement the architecture in a cloud provider. 

Read on to know more about serverless and how microservices can be deployed using the serverless architecture. 

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