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Customer success


Renewable Energy

This Renewable Energy Firm partnering with WalkingTree created a collaborative understanding across a power project with dashboards resulting in improved decision making


Fashion Commerce Company

Partnering with the WalkingTree to leverage data and transition to the future, this apparel brand drew new patterns to enhance a customer experience.

Get real-time analysis of your data

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization solutions to help you rapidly integrate data from different sources and develop key metrics for faster decisions


Data Filtration with No Hassles

Drill down into the important data and deliver meaningful results from a variety of perspectives. For example, you can break out your quarterly marketing ROI by channel and figure out which ones aren’t working.


Comprehensive Business Reports

Every business client and their positions require different levels of assistance. CXOs, for example, require KPIs from all departments. For each user role, we create personalized and intuitive reports and dashboards.


Complex Data Interpretation

Provide data visualization services that enable easy data dissection, allowing customers to make sense of massive data sets using meaningful graphs, graphical charts, maps, and tables, among other things.


Self-Service Reporting Process

The reporting procedure Allows all decision-makers to gain access to critical data and insights, allowing businesses to become more data-driven without becoming reliant.

Our Expertise

dashboard (2)

Reports and dashboards development

Data visualization can help you improve your business intelligence and analytics. We create complete data dashboards and reports for a broad spectrum of corporate customers, from data analysts to non-analytics users.


Tableau to Power BI Migration

Present complex datasets graphically, uncover relationships and trends, and quickly correlate the current business influences.

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Tailored info for different User groups

For different user groups, you can get customized reports and dashboards. Users in different departments or roles may require to view data in different ways. We help you creating various user roles that will allow them to access the data that is most important to them.


Seamless UX with Desktop and Mobile view

We assist you by ensuring that your reports and dashboards are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. We focus on not only enhanced accessibility but also a consistent user experience across all devices and versions with a solid user interface architecture.

Data visualization cloud services


Data Visualization Solutions with Amazon QuickSight

Build interactive infographics, do ad-hoc analysis, and acquire valuable business insights using Amazon QuickSight-based Data Visualization services for Enterprises.


Google studio based visualization solutions

Visual Analytics solutions based on Google Data Studio to empower the evolution of powerful dashboards and facilitate real-time dashboard collaboration to enable intelligent decisions.


Real-Time visualization solutions with Azure monitor

With Microsoft Data Visualization Service products, you can create sophisticated business-centric dashboards, unify data from multiple sources, and enable self-service analytics.


Analyze data from growing sources easily

Accelerate your Elasticsearch project delivery with our comprehensive consulting services that help you avoid committing errors and compromise success.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Translate your data into intelligent insights easily to facilitate decision-making


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