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Financial Planning focuses on providing sound financial advice to businesses and individuals.

Gone are those days when managing all your finances is cumbersome. Now, you can get a snapshot of your financial information in one place without the need for logging in and managing multiple accounts.

The requirement was to build an application that has the right features to sync all the financial information into a single secure account that can be accessed, tracked, and managed easily for investment checks, balance inquiry, and accessing information pertaining to accounts payable and accounts receivable.


Our customer is a leading web-based personal finance application provider that gives the entire picture of your financial status anytime, anywhere. They help track anything that pertains to finance like Bank accounts, Credit Cards, Mutual Fund investments, Equity accounts, Insurance policies, Loans, Fixed Deposits etc.


Our client’s requirement was to build an Intelligent Application that can provide the financial status of multiple accounts of every individual customer in one place along with timely account notifications. To get the following personal financial updates in one place:

  • Compute/File your Tax Liability
  • Store financial documents
  • View your personal spending patterns like shopping and dining expenses
  • Get automatic alerts for your Loan EMI, Insurance premium due etc. while integrating with Walking Tree’s EagleRP which provides the complete ERP solution


Walking Tree developed a solution by upgrading the existing Application in Ext Js to support all the touch devices. The solution includes the following features,

Secured Login ID – Every Individual customer is provided with one unique Login Id using which users can look upon their multiple accounts securely.

Dashboard Overview – After a successful login, the user can view the dashboard that has information on the multiple accounts that have been created

Transaction Overview– All the monthly expenses and the latest transactions can be tracked from Bank Accounts and the credit card information account

Cash Register – It will help you monitor your miscellaneous expenses/household expenditure

Budgets – It will help you calculate the previous month’s expenses and plan the next month’s budget accordingly.


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