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Our data engineering practice is outcome-driven, concentrating on robust data model foundations with data elements and entities that go beyond defined use cases to deliver business value.

Outcome-driven capabilities

Data Engineering
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To boost scalability and lower per-instance running expenses, we can use AWS or GCS or Azure to operate serverless pipeline design. In comparison to traditional server pipelines, serverless pipelines have higher uptime, are faster, and save money.

Serverless pipelines

Data Engineering

End-to-end data engineering capabilities

Our teams have delivered end-to-end solutions for multinational organizations’ AI and analytics demands, from AI vision and cloud strategy to DevOps and managed services.

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Customer Success


Aftermarket Auto Parts

Aftermarket Auto Spare Parts and WalkingTree partnered to leverage cognitive analytics, resulting in business innovation.


Fashion Commerce Company

Partnering with the WalkingTree to leverage data and transition to the future, this apparel brand drew new patterns to enhance a customer experience.

Build a robust data infrastructure to power your digital Initiatives

We help you build systems to extract, transform and publish data that enable data-driven decision-making, visualization, and machine learning capabilities.


Ingest data in real-time or in batches from internal and external sources.

Data must be cataloged and secured to be controlled and compliant.

Data quality and performance are monitored and measured.


Improve the value and usability of your data by cleaning it up and enrich data sets through joining, mapping, feature creation, and model them for a variety of data users.

Manage scheduling, auditing, performance, and data quality workflows.


Analyze using analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The data is all ready to serve applications, processes, and people.

Manage the data catalog, dictionaries, and mappings.

Building architecture that empowers

We can construct a new data architecture for you based on a single source or by combining new and current data sources to create more efficient data lakes that are easier to pipe to their endpoints.

We don’t just focus on structuring existing databases and assessing their operating efficiency; we also look for new data acquisition options, assisting your company in gathering meaningful data that can be used in your initiatives.

Build Data Pipelines

We have extensive expertise building data pipelines from the ground up or using the services from the major cloud platform suppliers. We build both ETL and ELT pipelines to move and transform data from a system to a database. Batch processing techniques and real-time streaming can both be used to transport and change data.

Implement Data Lakes

Having the right skills and experience to extract insights from all of the data, we streamline the data ingestion process for piping downstream to applications and other endpoints and help build data lakes. We help centralize data regardless of its source or format and get started on your Big Data adventure.

Data Analytics

Data analytics helps initiatives boost revenue, enhance operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and customer service efforts, and respond faster to new market trends. Unleash strong analytics insights by tapping into all of your data with our data and analytics services and solutions.

Driving value through insight

Our data engineering team uses a tailored approach to help organizations monetize and optimize the value of their data. We establish a solid data foundation and use data mining to generate insights. Our objectives are to address major obstacles that restrict firms from scaling and transforming themselves into data-savvy competitors.

Creating comprehensive data pipelines from start to finish
Ingesting Data from different sources into desired destinations
Managing several file format conversions
Perform Data Transformations
Data Cleansing
Maintain Data Integrity
Build Data Models
Executing ETL/ ELT jobs
Enrich Data for lined up Analytical Purposes
Data Analytics
Performance Tuning

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Translate your data into intelligent insights easily to facilitate decision-making



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