By WalkingTree   May 11, 2020

DaaS - Migrating your entire DevOps stack to the cloud

DaaS (DevOps as a service) is a cloud-based service that helps DevOps teams to centralize their work and tooling into one solution. All the tools needed for continuous delivery are collected in a single platform. This platform is then provided to different teams. The ultimate goal of DaaS is to enable companies to focus more on development and not worry about managing or maintaining tools, enabling them to focus on high priority tasks. 

DaaS can easily provide service for small-to-medium scale businesses without having to hire extra resources. These companies can easily rely on their DaaS providers to deploy and manage. 

Before making the decision to adapting DaaS, it is important to fully understand the pros and cons of it. 


  • It is easier to collaborate since all the tools can be accessed by all the users
  • Faster testing and deployment
  • Hides the complexities of information flow, which can help developers focus on their specific tools


  • Requires in-depth knowledge of integration and infrastructure
  • DevOps teams still need to understand the tools being implemented
  • Security issues might arise

DaaS provides support and optimization. It fills the gap for organizations with less DevOps talent. Read on to know more about DaaS and an example showing how to migrate from DevOps Server to DevOps in the cloud.

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