By WalkingTree  March 09,  2021

Creating Better Digital Experiences with UX Writing Principles

UX writing is not given that much attention. The words used in digital experiences are written by different people, from designers to engineers, in different ways, without any proper guidance. But a good understanding of UX writing is vital in creating better digital experiences. If the words in your product are complex, Users are going to assume that your product is complex, uninspiring, and unfriendly.

Let’s take a look at some of the key principles for UX writing. 

1.  Keep it conversational The words are there to create a conversation between the user and the product. And if the words are cold and robotic, the conversation stumbles between the users and the product. So remember to write how you would speak to another human being.

 Before – Help!

After – How can we help?

2.  Be concise Whenever you are writing for digital experiences, try being as concise as possible. Use as few words as possible without losing any meaning from the original message.

Before – Your new password has been successfully saved

After – New password saved

3.  Make header descriptive When it comes to headers, the main message should be in the header itself and then expanded upon in the copy. Generic headers like Information or Announcement tell the user very little about the message.

Before – Information

After – Delivering to self-isolating customers

4.  Reveal details in stages It’s important to give the users enough information to make progress, but too much information can overwhelm the user as well. So only reveal details when it’s needed in an experience. This could mean splitting your content or including a find-out link to the full content.

Read on to know more about UX writing principles.


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