By WalkingTree  December 02,  2020

Continuous Delivery in Mobile App Development

CI/CD adoption typically starts with agile development teams working on well-funded systems. But what about all those other applications with lesser resources? Can continuous delivery be a reality for all applications? The answer is yes! Every application can be changed, whether it be code changes or changes to the supporting databases. 

Organizations need to apply standardization across various delivery pipelines for all teams and environments including complex and hidden applications. Large applications such as Microsoft SQL present unique challenges to teams focused on DevOps, but successful CD pipelines are possible. Teams must recognize that packaged applications are different than custom-built applications. Similar to older applications, the fundamental challenge is creating an automated way to build packages.

Older applications come with major challenges such as technical debt, lack of resources, required refactoring, and many more. Continuous delivery requires creating an automated build package that can then be deployed via the pipeline to the preferred destination which can either be cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. Read on to know more about Continuous Delivery and how it can be implemented in every application.


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