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We help businesses across domains to the device and implement successful e-commerce strategies; ranging from off-the-shelf CMS  to a highly customised bespoke CMS.


Our Content Management solutions are feature rich and easy to use. We build specialist custom content management systems for various industry verticals to support simple to most complex bespoke requirements.


We are proficient in designing and developing bespoke CMS using robust frameworks like Magento, EpiServer, Umbraco, Sharepoint and Liferay. Benefit from popular, reliable and cost-effective open source and proprietary solutions for your website.


Super-fast to set up and easy to manage, with countless pre-configured templates and custom branding : we help you build your own website in less time and cost.


Discover the simple, intuitive and smart CMS approach towards building multilingual sites with support for various languages and advanced localisation capabilities.


  • CMS Development, Customization, and Deployment
  • Bespoke Modules and Plug-in Development
  • Theme Development and Testing
  • CMS and Content Migration
  • Workflows & Approval Process Configurations
  • Training and Hand-Holding to get started
  • Shared, dedicated and cloud hosting assistance
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

CMS Migrations

CMS is a robust tool to showcase online presence, upgrading existing CMS to advance CMS is a perspicacious move. A website with misfit CMS creates many hurdles and swags the process to implement organizational plans or goals. Organizations often regret having archaic CMS, to avail such companies we undertake CMS migration projects which include website development on a new platform, content migration, testing, and go-live. While most web development companies take time promising all of these, we remain committed toward delivering.

Enterprise Information Management Systems

Explore CMS Solutions

  • Web Content Management System (WCMS): With WTT’s WCMS Creating, Editing, Managing, and publishing content is hassle-free. This user-friendly WCMS needs no coding and enhances freedom to integrate third-party application easily. WTT’s SEO-Friendly CMS permits an organization to decorate, develop and design a website with various outstanding pre-designed templates & themes, preview option ensures the quality before updating the design/content.


  • Digital Asset Management System (DAM): This content management software is dedicated to graphic and multimedia management and not text. Graphic design, photography, and film companies often benefit from a DAM system as they deal exclusively in visual products.


  • Document Management System (DMS): A DMS is a document manager. Instead of focusing on a content’s details, it concentrates on content at the file level (e.g, Word or PDF documents). A DMS, for example, tracks who modifies documents, but it also controls who can access and update a document. Numerous organizations use a DMS to ensure essential content, such as branding guidelines, remain unedited by lower-level staff.


  • Enterprise Content Management System (ECM): WTT’s ECM comes with a blend of technology, process, a content strategy to accomplish any information irrespective of the information source, type, and format, throughout the information’s full-flow lifecycle. With this advance ECM, our clients can enjoy and improve productivity by consolidating the content without compromising safety in emails, instant message, documents, and other electronic files.

Platforms and Technologies

Walking Tree specializes in a range of open source and proprietary solutions, ensuring that we can help you select and deploy the ideal system for your organization.

Episerver is a robust, flexible and highly customisable digital experience platform that supports and manages the most important areas of a company’s online presence… MORE

Umbraco is a .NET based, full featured, secure, stable and user friendly content management system offering all the benefits of an enterprise level content management…MORE

Microsoft SharePoint is the business collaboration platform of choice for enterprises seeking to benefit from better data access and collaboration…MORE

Liferay is among the leading open source enterprise portal platforms. With a flexible and robust foundation, and over 60 built-in portlets that help you realize immediate value, Liferay is a great choice for many organizations…MORE

CMS Integration Process


We assess your needs to recommend the best platform to fulfill your requirements in the short and long term. At this stage, we evaluate the objectives, needs, and expectations of the clients.


The crucial brainstorming sessions help internal teams to understand the exact requirements of the client and bring the best solution design within deadlines.


WTT continues to deliver a unique solution to its clients through the Benchmarking the best technologies. Among the numerous CMS platforms, we handpick the best that suit client requirement.


After performing multiple research & surveys on Client’s CMS History, CMS Challenges, CMS Host Transformation, Multiple Domain Registrations etc.enables us to picture the blueprint. This blueprint guides the client to understand the overall process of the project and finally, based upon the client’s approvals and recommendations we enter into the new project with zeal.


At WTT, converting the ‘blueprint’ to ‘project’ is one of the biggest challenges that all the developers love. Our passion for CMS drives us to exceed the client’s expectations.

WTT maintains a firm Deployment Strategies to implement fresh and revised CMS. A user can track and compare the developments of the project step-by-step over the previous CMS.


After successful CMS integration, WTT supports organizations in maintenance which includes Software up to date, Site Back-Up, Compatibility Checks, Link Checking improves the stability of a website & run smoothly.

Our CMS Projects

Real-estate and Property Search
Real-estate and Property Search
Hotels and Resorts Booking
Hotels and Resorts Booking

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