Liferay Extensible Platform

More compliance and better digital experience via Liferay

Creating consistent, personalized experiences quickly and easily.

Empower your users to capitalize revenue with Liferay solutions

marketing strategies

Open source integration

We enable you to manage complex business processes with robust, reliable, and cost-effective web solutions. Our team offers access to any sensitive information and other content-related aspects, to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Centralised platform

Enhanced digital experience

Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform) version offers many enterprise-grade functionalities like identity and access management, mobile access optimization, content personalization, etc. to boost business productivity.

content management capabilities

Consistent customer services

Leverage the features that tackle with specific challenges around cloud technology, digital tools for your infrastructure and customer experiences initiatives while delivering a full range of Liferay services.

Intuitive CMS

Portal development

Our team uses cutting edge technologies to provide many out of box features which can be utilized in developing a world-class enterprise portal digital solution.

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Our offerings to solve complex challenges with Liferay services

Expert Implementation

Customized Development

We simplify processes to modify and add to existing functionality in Liferay DXP while styling your sites with ease.

Digital Experience on Cloud

UI/UX Design

Liferay DXP offers a wide range of approaches, frameworks, utilities, and mechanisms to make your life easier and user experience more better.

Third-party Platform Integration

Portlet Development

We allow users and administrators to easily place portlets on different web pages for conveying essential information and tasks.

Personalization Suite Implementation

Performance Tuning

Liferay configuration and performance review solutions efficiently assess the architecture, performance, scalability, and availability characteristics of your portal environment. Our developers test the entire Liferay project to the limit, fine-tuning any issues and discrepancies.

Commerce Strategy & Implementation

Portal Administration Services

Liferay Portal offers every standard collaborative application that’s available, ranging from personal productivity applications like a calendar and email, to community-building applications.

Custom Episerver Managed Service Programs

Contract Consulting

Our team helps you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the application environments. Our onsite and offshore consulting expertise adds value to your existing processes and business needs.

Versioning Updates & Technical Remediation

Multi-site Management

We help you build many different kinds of websites to facilitate collaboration among team members by providing all the tools needed.

General Data Protection Regulation

Subscription & Support Services

We provide you with enterprise edition (EE) subscription for use by enterprise-class customers and in mission-critical deployments. This comprises of all updates, upgrades, security patches, and service packs, etc.

Insight & Reach Expertise

Easy Maintenance

Our team helps you with maintenance and support of existing Liferay deployments through combined subscription and support packages.

Liferay for your next web application!

Powerful solutions

Ready-to-use apps

We deliver easy to customize, accessible applications with out-of-the-box functionality and easy customization choices.

Robust performance management

Open source framework

We offer fully supported, mature enterprise open source product with single point of access for all digital business communication.

Future proof results

Extensible solutions

Focusing on extensible, simpler, and modular solutions with an array of servers, databases, and operating systems to run on.


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