By WalkingTree   July 23 2020

Configuration and customization options in Ext JS Pivot Grid

Pivot Grid is a powerful tool to represent data and extract insights from it. The Pivot Grid component enables the rapid summarization of large sets of data. It provides a simple way to assemble data points into a format that makes trends and insights more apparent. We spoke about the 5 Powerful Ext JS Pivot Grid Features in our previous article. Today, let’s take a look at the configuration and customizations options in Ext JS Pivot Grid.

Pivot Grid Configuration  

Using the pivot configurator plugin, a list of fields can be easily configured. Developers can even provide a default aggregator function to be used and define here in which areas this field could be used. 

Pivot Grid Customization 

Ext JS Grid provides many customization options for developers to explore. Data can be divided in terms of value, country, continent, year, and person. Various color options are also available. 

Read on to know more about Ext JS Pivot Grid customization and configuration and how to actually put these features into use.


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