By WalkingTree February 17,  2021

Common mistakes to avoid when using Angular

While developing applications for Mobile or Web, developers might get stuck while coding and could be for various reasons. To maintain a high-quality application, it’s best to be aware of certain pitfalls and try avoiding them. Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes to avoid when using the Angular framework. 

Involving jQuery – When it comes to Angular applications, it’s best to avoid using the jQuery library. The reason being, Angular itself has many features that can solve problems by using third-party libraries. 

Not organizing tools – The most important thing while developing applications is to distribute codes into smaller components to make error tracking easy and mostly not all developers do that. One of the reasons is that Angular works with MVC architecture and it can put a huge amount of coding part on the controller.  

Failing to examine – The developers normally avoid examining the application before launching it and this is one of the most common mistakes made by Angular developers which leads to an increase in the chances of bugs that get launched by many environments.  

Irrelevant commit messages – A single irrelevant commit message can replace the entire code which confuses the code reviewers. It can also be challenging for the developers to find the exact part in the code where they need to revert the new changes. Therefore, it’s best to avoid giving irrelevant commit messages.  

Read on to know more about the most common mistakes to avoid when using Angular. 


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