By WalkingTree  April  15,  2021

Common mistakes to avoid in UI Design

A good UI design can show major differences between a successful app and one that fails to make an impact on the users. When creating high-quality applications, the smallest details matter. Let’s take a look at some of the most common design mistakes to avoid.

No difference between primary and secondary actions – In an app, there will be many actions that the user can complete. Giving visual importance to the primary actions improves UI at a higher scale. Make it easy for the user to identify the primary buttons by making them stand out. Secondary actions should be less prominent but still, be visible. 

Unclear error states – Give clear feedback to users about states, especially when it comes to error states. Error notifications should satisfy the following simple rules: They should be recognizable And should clearly explain what has happened and how users can fix it. 

Poor alignment – Proper padding and spacing make the layout look clean and orderly and make it easier for readers to read and understand information. Additionally, same-size spaces should be set around logical blocks. 

Low contrast – Designing a product should be inclusive. That includes blind, color blind, and visually impaired users. Shrinking text down to 8px because it fits the horizontal space or using a light shade of grey because it looks nice is neglecting our vision-impaired visitors. 

Read on to know more about the common mistakes to avoid in UI design.


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