By WalkingTree   July 13, 2020

Cloud Migration

Enterprises are moving their applications to the cloud, like never before. According to the Cloud Adoption in 2020 survey, organizations plan to migrate most of their applications to the cloud within the next year. 

The report also finds that more than 88% of respondents currently are using some type of cloud infrastructure, out of which 45% of organizations expect to transfer three quarters or more of their applications to the cloud over the next 12 months. The report also showed that just 10% of respondents reported that they don’t use cloud computing at all. 

The report was surveyed on 1,283 software engineers, technical leads, and decision-makers worldwide revealed that 21% of organizations are hosting all of their applications in the cloud. The survey also revealed that 49% of organizations are running applications in traditional contexts, 39% are using a combination of both public and private cloud deployments in a hybrid-cloud alternative, and 54% use multiple cloud services. 

The survey finds that the public cloud is the most popular choice, with a usage share greater than 61%. The most used platforms are Amazon Web Services (AWS) 67%, Microsoft Azure 48%, and Google CloudPlatform (GCP) 32%. Read on to know more about cloud migration and what other results are revealed in The Cloud Adoption survey.


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