By WalkingTree  May 03,  2021

Choosing the right metrics for your organization

Organizations rely on metrics to evaluate the performance of a particular task. Metrics are especially essential to DevOps teams. But it should be noted that metrics can also drive DevOps teams down the wrong path. Sometimes. just because you’re measuring things doesn’t mean you’re measuring the right things. The key is to choose the right metrics that drive the right outcomes for your organization. But how can one choose the right metrics?

Measurable – Choose metrics that are objectively measurable. Metrics should concentrate on inter-team and intra-team performance and results. DevOps is all about cross-functional teams working together to deliver business value. So, rather than individual metrics like ‘lines of code’, focus on outcomes like the cost of customer acquisition or overall revenue.

Focus on few metrics – Focus on as few metrics as possible, expect goals, and the metrics you track to evolve over time. Organizations should focus on about four to five metrics at one point that they are attempting to improve, so they can achieve those outcomes faster. 

Align metrics with your priorities – It’s best to focus on metrics that align with your priorities today, next month, and this year. So, which metrics are most critical for a DevOps organization to continue? A series of metrics identified by the Google DevOps Research and Assessments team includes deployment frequency, mean lead time for changes, and change failure rate. These metrics show how well teams deliver software to the customers.  

Read on to know more about choosing the right metrics for your DevOps structure.


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