By WalkingTree   May 13, 2020

Choosing your JavaScript Framework

There are many JavaScript frameworks to choose from. But which one is best for you? Well, the key is to choose a framework that feels right for you and makes you more productive and delivers the right solution for you. Let’s take a look at one of the surveys that show which framework is preferred by developers or developers who want to learn it:

  • React – 83.9%
  • Vue – 75.4%
  • Angular – 34.3%

This data clearly shows that React and Vue are the most popular frameworks, whereas Angular fell behind a bit. But it solely depends on what the organization prefers. Let’s take a look at the basic comparison between these 3: 

Features React Angular Vue
Components Communication Props Inputs Props
Lazy Loading Components Sets of Components Components
Common Language JavaScript TypeScript Babel
Common Language Integrated with many other tools Standalone basis Requires third-party tools

Check out the video down below for a better understanding of these three JavaScript frameworks

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