By WalkingTree  May 25,  2021

Chart To Convey Data Insights

It is always a good practice to reflect on the chart choices made during the design process. This overview will help you discern if the charts used are doing a good job of conveying data insights.

The idea of this post is to help you understand a few charts that are used often, the reason behind using them, and how they are perceived. 

Bar graphs are the most common types of charts for portraying information. They have high quantitative accuracy and can help users in comparing values. Bar charts are familiar, reliable, and safe, but sometimes get regarded as boring. 

To make bar charts more appealing, designers have shifted towards 3D bar charts. Which sure can look good, but have a significant drawback of their own. 3D charts make the data harder to read. They don’t offer a value add when it comes to comparisons in the chart and can make it harder to see how the bars line up with the y-axis.

Another common variation which designers use is curve charts, the one which looks like a car’s speedometer. While this does look good, these charts also are hard to read and understand. A curve graph usually starts at zero and ends at 100, but just like a speedometer, the 100, which is the last figure, doesn’t end at a full circle.

The chart, therefore, represents 80% of a 100% with the graph measuring out about 60%. Confused? And that is the issue with this chart style. The reader may spend more time trying to understand the chart rather than focusing on the main point.

Choosing the right charts for your dashboard is important. It doesn’t have to be fancy, the point of charts or graphs is to make it easier for the user to see and compare the values. Read on to know more about chart choices in dashboard designs.


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