By WalkingTree  January 05,  2021

Challenges of Software Distribution

Software distribution is a crucial part of the delivery process. Once applications are developed, software artifacts need to be securely distributed to the next stage in the SDLC. The next stage could be testing, or distributing to the last-mile of deployment to production. 

Rapid development, infrastructure scale, and increased adoption of cloud-native apps all slow down the distribution due to network utilization and security. Let’s take a look at some of the bottlenecks in Software distribution.

Rapid development – Developers are producing more and more new applications and continuously updating the existing ones. There are a lot of applications developed in an agile manner, which eventually results in more software binaries being produced and consumed.

Development frequency  – With the increased adoption of DevOps and CI/CD, deployment frequency is on the rise. Many enterprises are now deploying to production multiple times a day. 

Infrastructure scale – Applications are being deployed across more complex and distributed environments, spanning core data centers, cloud infrastructure, as well as the growing numbers of local Edges and embedded devices.

Cloud-native applications – To further complicate things, the increased adoption of cloud-native applications and embedded applications for IoT, mean that we’re producing applications that rely on artifacts such as container images and embedded software. These are much heavier to share and distribute across the network.

Read on to know more about Software distribution.

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