By WalkingTree  June 08,  2021

Challenges Faced While Deploying Fineract 1.x

Apache Fineract can be set up in any environment: cloud or on-premises. Its flexible product configuration, KYC documentation support, business rule sets, payment transactions, and portfolio management can be quite helpful for organizations. However, you might face a few deployment-related issues with Fineract 1.x.

Here are some of the challenges you might face while deploying Fineract 1.x, their causes, and solutions.

#1. Timezone Tenant Configuration

Improper set up of timezone of the tenant can cause loan schedule, loan product, or charges payment dates to jump one date back or more.

Possible Causes:

  • The difference in time zones
  • Rebase of the upstream codebase

Possible Occurrence:

This error occurs due to any problem in system-wide configuration. So, each date in the system is likely affected.


  • Log in to your database
  • Go to the fineract_tenants.tenants table
  • Now change the timezone_id from e.g, “Asia/Kolkata” which is the default to “UTC” for all tenants

#2. Configuration Settings: Connection To Server

You might often come across a “connection to server issue” while attempting to log in. This usually occurs when there is an issue with the database or when Fineract 1.x is unable to establish a proper connection with the database or make queries accordingly.

  • MySQL packet size issue

Possible Causes:

This error occurs because the maximum allowed packet value permitted by the MySQL server is 4MB by default and it is too small to handle certain queries.

Possible Occurrence:

You possibly will come across this while trying to log into Fineract 1.x via the Community App or might be any other case.


  • Login to MySQL and change the “maxallowedpacket” for every user to 67MB until the server restarts.


  • Remove the MySQL docker container. And create a new container, passing the following flag “—max-allowed-packet=67108864”.


  • MySQL user denied access

Possible Causes:

If you are unable to log in to the MySQL server.

Possible Occurrence:

The error comes up indicating that the application was trying to connect to a user “root” with hostname “” which was unavailable.


  • Create a new user “root“ with hostname “”
  • Enter “somepassword“ as the root user’s password
  • Grant all privileges to new user
  • Implement the changes

Read here to further learn about more challenges and their solutions, faced while setting up Apache Fineract 1.x.


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