Build interactive web applications using NodeJS

Course Description

This course is designed to teach front-end developers to use Node.js to quickly build interactive web applications that are easily scalable. The course concludes with tips for working with the Node.js community, and ways in which to build applications using frameworks such as Express and Socket.IO.

Course Fee

Duration: 3 Days
On-site at your location:
  • INR 42,000/participant for first six participants
  • INR 35,000/participant for seventh participant and beyond + taxes as applicable
Open Session:
  • INR 42,000/participant + taxes as applicable
  • On-site at your location,Open session, Live Online Training

Course outline

Node.js Introduction

  • What is NodeJS?
  • How does Node Work?
  • Installing Node
  • REPL
  • Node Core
  • Building Command Line Apps
  • Global and process objects
  • Creating Node Modules
  • Creating http servers
  • Making http requests

Node Package Manager and Express

  • Introducing NPM and the Node community
  • What is Express?
  • Installing the Express Framework?
  • First app.js Serving Static Files
  • Error Handling
  • Routing
  • Integrating CORS with Express
  • Templating with Express
  • Building RESTful API with Express

Node Package Manager and Express

  • What is Socket.IO Applications
  • Websockets, Polling, and Long Polling
  • Installing Socket.IO?
  • Configuring Socket.IO
  • Building a basic chat room
  • Using Socket.IO with Experss
  • Creating a Game with Socket.IO
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