By WalkingTree   May 20, 2020

Microsoft Azure comes with a wide set of services for developers to explore. Ever since Azure Front Door became available, there was always a debate on which will be the right choice between Azure Front Door and Azure CDN. 

Azure Front Door

Microsoft initially developed front door to enhance their already existing signature services i.e Office 365 and Bing search. It was originally developed into Microsoft’s internal WAN. When you opt for service by the front door, it is served via WAN leveraging a split TCP method. 

Azure Front Door routes request to a primary region. But if the application in that region is unavailable, the front door can fail. But when you are working with larger documents, Front Door uses object chunking method to request the document in smaller parts. 

Azure CDN 

Azure CDN (Azure Content Delivery Network) has been around in the market for a while now. It is a globally distributed network of servers that can deliver content to the customer. Azure CDN can provide for a very large scale as well. When you think of Netflix or any video streaming platform where videos have to be delivered via the customer’s nearest edge location, Azure CDN can be your solution. 

Azure front door and Azure CDN offer their own unique and useful features. Read on to know more about these two.

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