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Azure DevOps

Walking Tree provides Azure DevOps services, enabling enterprises to build, deploy and manage software with modern software delivery practices, and achieve greater speed and agility. As an integrated service, Azure DevOps combines skills and expertise in continuous and ongoing software development with managed services for platform & infrastructure operations and is available for delivering Azure cloud-based applications.

Our Azure DevOps services are comprehensive and help automate, streamline and manage the project-based as well as the ongoing operations for an organization’s software development and delivery needs. Our Azure DevOps services are delivered through a highly experienced team of architects, engineers, developers and service desk specialists across infrastructure, platform and app dev.

Continuous Development

Development services for continuous application development, integration, testing, delivery and deployment on Azure, supported with Managed Services for Platform & Infrastructure Ops.

  • Modern App Architecture
  • Cloud Deployment Architecture
  • DevOps Toolchain Implementation
  • Continuous Development
  • Test Automation Development
  • Continuous Testing

Azure Managed Platform Ops

Azure Managed services for Platform Ops provide CI/CD toolchain configuration management, change & incident management, and 24×7 monitoring of application telemetry.

  • Proactive PaaS & Application Monitoring
  • CI Pipeline Management
  • CD & Release Pipeline Management
  • Resource Configuration Management
  • Application Security Management
  • Application Resiliency & DR Management
  • Azure Platform Advisory

Azure Managed Infrastructure Ops

Azure Managed services for Infrastructure Ops provide Azure infrastructure configuration management, change, & incident management, and 24×7 monitoring of application infrastructure telemetry.

  • Azure Hosting (CSP)
  • Proactive IaaS Monitoring
  • IaaS Configuration Management
  • Network Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Security Management
  • Infrastructure Resiliency & DR Management
  • Azure Infrastructure Advisory

Service Desk

Our 24×7 Cloud Ops Center is responsible for processing monitoring alerts, incident & change management communications, and coordination of proactive maintenance activities.

  • SLA Driven Incident Management
  • Vendor Support Coordination
  • Disaster Recovery Coordination
  • Service Scheduling & Management
  • Service Metrics Reporting
  • Silicus Cloud Enable (CMP) & Customer Portal


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