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AWS DevOps

Bringing continuous integration and deployment as you develop or modernize your applications.

Leveraging leading DevOps services on AWS with proper infrastructure provisioning and by managing every intricate environment at scale.

WalkingTree to scale your solutions for
market needs

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Building a robust infrastructure

We enable organizations to enhance collaboration, monitoring, management, and reporting by building a robust infrastructure to automate the processes in their software development lifecycle.

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Continuous integration

We focus on creating CI/CD workflows on the cloud to enable businesses to align the build, test and deploy their applications.

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Reliable container strategies

We create container strategies for organizations to make their software solutions reliable and resistant to changes when moved between different computing environments. Containerization eradicates cloud vendor dependency, reduces hardware costs and improves time to value.

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Independent testing & deployment

Our team helps you in building and deploying the independent architectures using containers or serverless compute. The architecture breaks up the apps into loosely coupled services or modules that can be developed, tested and scaled independently.

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Our approach to modernize applications

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DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning

With proper DevOps assessment and planning we integrate operations and development, accelerate software releases, and deploy them more efficiently.

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CI/CD End to End Implementation

Bridging the gap between development, operations and IT services, we integrate CI/CD workflows to ship the software faster and safer in a structured environment.


Infrastructure Management

Bringing DevOps services on AWS to embrace an agile business delivery model to empower the businesses for delivering softwares by changing, deploying and replicating the infrastructure rapidly.


Deployment Automation and Orchestration

Consolidating automated processes into a streamlined workflow for reusability of processes and maintaining the infrastructure stability. We aim at automating the deployment to help you release new features faster and more frequently.


Environment Management

Our team of DevOps go through your enterprise’s existing DevOps maturity levels and recommend improvements across operations and development functions. We assess your business value and accelerate the course of implementing a DevOps framework.


Managed Services

Serving you with the powerful options of DevOps managed services to fasten your transformation journey and have your software delivery foundation managed centrally by experienced Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Adopting AWS DevOps for continuous integration and delivery

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Flexible operations

We support your operations and development team with fractional experts for specific roles on your DevOps team to deliver the fastest, most reliable, and fully functioning applications.


Better teamwork & quality

We improve collaboration between disparate teams by incorporating shared responsibility and quality by enabling early detection and rapid correction of bugs.


Fully managed & project-based services

We design, manage, and build DevOps into your existing or new application builds and strategize to deliver a fully operational DevOps solution within your budget and timeframe.


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