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Data Analytics

Accelerate your data analytics journey for a better experience

Evaluate and use the tools and best practices for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data at any scale.

WalkingTree to co-create change and scale impact

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Transforming data into strategic asset

We have strong passion in curating workflow, building high performance and scalable database, and managing the data effectively with a good data governance strategy. Helping you to digitally transform your data to have exceptional industry experiences.


Innovation of analytics

We leverage the latest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization techniques to create models that help you see the future and automate decision making.

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Advanced analytics services

Our advanced analytics solutions help organizations in accelerating productivity with deeper insights from the huge volume and variety of structured and unstructured data in a cost-effective manner with open source technologies.


Quick turnaround

We deliver solutions within the agile framework to address evolving business requirements and reducing the time-to-respond to key business scenarios helping you unlock extra value.

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Move your analytics workload to the cloud


Data Integration & Preparation

Data integration services to consolidate data from disparate sources, transform it, and prepare it for analytics. Making it easier to extract, transform and load – data quality, profiling, and related technologies.


Data Visualization & Reporting

Turn raw data into actionable business information using online analytical processing technologies, such as dashboarding, reporting, and data visualization.

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Data Analytics Platforms

Providing integrated tools to solve data analytics challenges within a standardized framework and platforms allowing a diverse set of technologies to procure resources and applications.


Data Exploration / Search

Enabling data exploration / search to access a customizable dashboard template showing your data that can be refreshed on a schedule, published, and shared with other users in your organization.


Data Quality & Governance

Discover, categorize, and control data, including – defining and enforcing policies, security, management of personal information, data lineage, data masking, and other services.

AWS data analytics to manage your data efficiently

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Predictive & Real-Time Solutions

We deliver real-time analytics and monitoring solutions to empower valuable insights and process large scale data.


Enterprise Data Analytics Strategy

Offering the enterprise strategy and consulting services to build analytical capabilities and next generation applications.

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Implementing Data Visualization Effortlessly

Solutions to establish efficient data visualization strategy directly from design to deployment and development.


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