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Embrace the power of AI/ML to enhance your business operations

Creating an intelligent process of continuous learning and automated execution to drive disruptive business improvement.

WalkingTree for building a pathway to value


Assessment & roadmap development

We use proven tools and an assessment framework, to rapidly identify the approach for leveraging your data to improve business processes through the creation of intelligent automation. We identify the fastest ways to untap the potential of AI and ML for driving business value.

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System creation with feasibility

We work to prove the value and feasibility of AI / ML to resolve your problems and provide the effectiveness to understand business operations and the technology landscape with ease.


Evolution towards growth

The WalkingTree team works to fully develop, implement and maintain a complete AI / ML system to solve your business problems. We ensure the quality, reliability, and stability of learning and improvement of the AI solution.


Scalable & supportable tools and systems

We apply our expertise and deep technical knowledge of AI and ML to create innovative solutions to real-world business problems. Focusing on creating scalable systems and a better experience.

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Enabling digital business through AWS AI / ML


AWS Pre-Trained AI

Pre-trained AI models for your applications and workflows. We take care of the heavy lifting, to deliver AI and ML-powered features faster and at a lower cost.


Model Training and Management

Following a definite AI model cycle and management to deal with the complicated AI pipeline and ensure the necessary results in the enterprise.


Natural Language Processing

Simplifying the knowledge discovery by developing self-service access to insights, maximizing the value, and boosting productivity for smooth business operations through NLP.


Video / Audio Analytics

Audio / Video Analytics to transform operations and drive efficiency in – product marketing, patient care, transportation, and multiple other areas. Aiming to help with object detection & tracking, facial recognition, behavior analysis, and incident detection.


Image Processing

Implementing AI-based image processing functionalities in your product to make the usage of specific libraries and frameworks simpler and building custom deep learning models for image processing.

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Human–Centered AI

Human-centered AI models to improve the capabilities by way of human-informed technology. To upgrade the reliability and scalability for the expansion of information and processes to a larger scale without compromising data integrity.

AWS AI / ML driven solutions to change the way of innovation

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Cognitive system development

We create systems capable of deep-domain conversations or personalized recommendations to increase sales, improve production efficiency, and enrich the customer experience.

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Intelligent automation tactics

Driving process efficiency by automating mind-numbing tasks with trained AI and ML intelligence services.


Refinement & analyzing

Analyzing your current capabilities to recommend the model type, tools, technologies, and architecture. Refining the model to raise the quality and keep up with the ever-evolving business.


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