By WalkingTree   June 10, 2020

Many organizations have already faced Agile fatigue and guess what, DevOps might be next. The process of transitioning from one belief to another requires time and patience, and the same goes for DevOps. There are more chances of coming across various deadends and wrong turns in this process. 

Agile fatigue is already happening, and not because of any underlying philosophy but because of how it is being handled and by whom. One of the biggest speed bump’s is producing a one-size-fits-all agile methodology. 

Well, its time to rein the DevOps dogma and go back to basics. 

Systems Thinking – The goal is to emphasize the importance of the whole concept of functional and team silos. The flow of value from one the idea to the end customer should be constant. You can create an end-to-end team that are given both the autonomy and appropriate guidelines to create value for the end customer. 

Amplify feedback loops – How do you know that what you are creating will be valuable for the customer? Without any feedback that too? For this, you need to have proper market validation. 

Continual Experimentation – Continual experimentation and learning allow mistakes to be made without any judgment and thus emphasize the learning and development of the firm. 

Read on to know more about DevOps fatigue and how you can avoid it.


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