By WalkingTree  March 22,  2021

An Evaluation on DevOps Capabilities

Today, the need for organizations to move towards their DevOps journey, requires understanding the DevOps capabilities. An Assessment of DevOps Capabilities determines measures and accelerates continuous improvement. Let’s take a look at the 5 DevOps capabilities. 

Human Aspects – DevOps is all about the human aspects. We know that culture is the biggest challenge on a DevOps journey. It’s best to address the culture of trust. Also, using transformational leadership as a model, study how leaders behave. 

Process and Frameworks – It’s also important to look at how the teams are experiencing scaling their activities and whether it’s working for them. The teams should understand how to achieve high performance in continuous compliance.

Functional Composition – Everything from ideation to value realization is considered in this dimension. We see how teams collaborate and where and how ideas are fed and refined through product management and ownership. 

Intelligent Automation – This dimension is all about the DevOps toolchain, from artifact management and source control through CI/CD. We also look at how tools have been used to create a unified backlog, as well as how post-release service and support are handled.

Technology – The final dimension is designed to help teams understand how the infrastructure helps their product or service and influences their ability to better and faster. This commands knowledge of their cloud, serverless, container, microservices, and API capabilities.

Read on to know more about DevOps capabilities.


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