By WalkingTree February 16,  2021

AIOps boosts organizational efficiency

The global pandemic caused business owners and IT teams found themselves scattered and with a new goal, to make the organization effective while working remotely. The sudden shift to remote work made it worse for existing challenges, like managing hybrid environments, personnel management challenges, and teams struggling to adjust. Enterprises still had to focus on staying ahead of their competitors too. 

AIOps is artificial intelligence for IT operations that help increase efficiency. AI is needed for decision-making today because it provides solutions to the complexity of modern enterprise environments. Managing infrastructure issues needs more effort, and it takes time to identify and fix IT issues. According to a survey, the difficulty of managing routine tasks was the most common reason for turning to AIOps. 

According to the same survey, when the respondents were asked to identify the key benefits of AIOps, they highlighted simple strategic and operational issues that influenced the performance. These included manual process elimination (91%),agility and reliability improvements (82%), and predictability achievement(73 %).

AIOps is essential for the transformation of business and future growth, 82% of respondents said so. AI significantly improved the performance of tasks and decisions, and routine tasks were eliminated as well. This has helped enterprises struggling to remain productive, agile, and remain competitive during a global pandemic.  

Read on to know more about AIOps and how it is helping organizations improve their efficiency.


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