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Our experience and expertise in various software approaches and technologies enable us to give high-quality AI / ML solutions to our clients while reducing time and costs.

Effectiveness in Cost and Time

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We understand your business and employ AI/ML solutions to effectively meet your needs. We make it a point to develop solid solutions that help you achieve your company objectives.

Orientation to Business Objectives

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We always ensure to stay a step-ahead in what we do compared to others so that our AI solutions help enterprises gain a competitive edge in the market. We make use of trending technologies in delivering solutions by gaining expertise in it first.

Technically sound and forward-thinking


Customer success


Video Analytics Solution

See how an AI-based Video Analytics solution helps analyze video content in real-time, extract metadata,  and provide actionable insights.


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Financial Service Industry

See how an ML model helps this financial service industry extract information from unstructured data and help provide clients with the precise knowledge and skilled assistance they require to solve complex strategic problems.


Predictive Attrition Model

Machine learning approaches and their computational methods can create accurate predictions for employee attrition and relevant elements that help companies to make preventive decisions that helps in taking preventive measures and in better hiring decisions.


Powerful Influencer Marketing Portal

See how this influencer marketing platform uses AI/ML to become an integral part of the total TV production/playout process and is shifting to provide value to broadcasters & content producers.

Infuse intelligence into your existing applications with our AI/ML services

predictive analytics and data visualisation.

Make decision-making easier with predictive analytics and data visualisation.

AI and ML services

From evaluations to managed services and full-fledged automation, we provide end-to-end, 360° coverage of AI and ML services.

AIML solutions

Providing bespoke AI/ML solutions that boost our customers’ value by analysing, mining, and displaying data.

Automated AI and ML

Automated AI and ML solutions for the company’s routine chores that require a lot of human work will help you achieve better business results.

intelligent systems

We provide intelligent systems that make decisions in a human-like manner and provide authorities with regular updates.

human intervention

We offer the ability to automate routine and irregular manual and cognitive activities, as well as current tasks, without the need for human intervention.

AI/ML for quicker decision-making, better productivity, business process automation, and anomaly identification

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

WalkingTree Technologies works with businesses to develop automated solutions that assist them handle unstructured data touch points and then mature into intelligent systems that make the best decisions while always learning from their surroundings.

Pattern and Image Recognition

Pattern and Image Recognition

We create visual apps that can synthesise images and search for patterns in them. It is also possible to locate things in the photographs or scene using the Object Detection tool, whether they are living or non-living.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Our Natural Language Processing services allow machines to grasp and comprehend data, removing the need for humans to interact with computers in their own unambiguous language.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We assist customers maximise the potential of pattern recognition, mathematical optimization, computational learning theory, self-optimizing, and nature-inspired algorithms by providing specialised machine learning services and solutions.

Deep learning

Deep learning

Our custom-built deep learning technologies assist in the development of powerful and clever artificial neural network models capable of learning complex data representations automatically for solving crucial business challenges.

Data Science

Data Science

Our data science as a service enables businesses to make data-driven business decisions and come up with new ways to strategize and improve operations, all while identifying new market opportunities and reaping the advantages.

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