By WalkingTree   September 01, 2020

6 tips to quickly improve your UI

Creating attractive and efficient designs take time, with numerous design revisions. Improving your design skills requires time and energy. Let’s take a look at some design tips which can help you improve your UIs.

Colour-pick from your images – Simply colour-pick from your product images, and then apply various tints and shades of your chosen colour to your background, text and icons. This can add plenty of visual interest to your designs. 

Try to create generous Tappable areas on Mobile – When designing for Mobile phones try to create tappable areas large enough, for uses to tap easily. Try to go for an Icon with a label for buttons and links that consist only of text. 

Keep the contrast ratio acceptable between light text, and images – Apply a slightly opaque darkened background behind your text to keep a good contrast ratio between those elements. It also allows you to easily switch between dark and light images without changing the text colour.

Fonts and Headlines in your designs – Serif and Sans-Serif commercial Fonts work really well for Headlines, bringing a bit of warmth and character to any design. Some of the suggested fonts are Utopia std, Effra, Freight text pro, and Aktiv Grotesk. 

Fonts for Body copy in your designs – Apart from the classic Serif and Sans-Serif fonts, which are highly recommended. Fonts like Calluna, Adella sans and Freight sans pro are recommended as well. 

For Download Indicators, try to be as informative as possible – For the user, try to make the download indicators as informative as possible. You can achieve this by use of colour, a percentage figure to show the current progress, and a simple icon giving them the option to cancel the download at any time. 

Read on to know more about the UI design improvement tips.


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