By WalkingTree  March 08,  2021

5 well-known DevOps myths debunked

It’s essential to distinguish DevOps myths and facts to lead digital transformation projects. Most organizations have deployed DevOps successfully to accomplish goals, but there are still a few misconceptions circulating the community. Let’s take a look at the 5 most common DevOps myths. 

“DevOps is a cultural movement” – Implementing DevOps needs a balanced engineering approach that considers an extended array of people and technology aspects. However, DevOps is much more than just culture. The underlying engineering principles that constitute DevOps could apply to almost any engineering project. 

“DevOps requires continuous deployments” – DevOps enables continuous delivery of release artifacts to be ready to deploy safely, but frequent deployments are not always a goal. Some customer use cases don’t necessitate regular production deployments.

“DevOps requires Agile” – DevOps and Agile can be either complementary or competitive. Organizations using Agile methodology are more focused on optimization of the development end of the pipeline and may struggle with DevOps. Which focuses on the engineering of end-to-end process optimizations.

“DevOps is an elimination of IT operations” – This is a definite myth and no matter how automated the services are, there will always be a need for operations. There may be changes in operations, yet they will still hold importance in DevOps.

“The scope of DevOps is the same as CI/CD” – A well-engineered DevOps encompasses CI/CD, but they also extend beyond integration and delivery into other practice areas such as planning, operations, governance, and other practices that must work together with CI/CD to accomplish goals.

Read on to learn more about DevOps myths.


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