By WalkingTree   April  02, 2020

Just like any other programming language, Javascript comes with many tips and tricks to ease the developer’s job by accomplishing difficult tasks. Let’s have a look at the five JavaScript tricks which you can start using today.

  • Every & Some

The every function shows whether all elements in an array pass a test.  If all elements in the array pass the test, true will be returned. If one of the elements in the array fails the test, false will be returned.

  • Conditionally setting a variable

Conditionally setting up a variable is very easy and simple. Let’s take a look at an example. If the user sets a preferred timezone, we use that timezone. If the user doesn’t have a preferred timezone we use the default timezone, let’s say ‘America/New_York’.

  • Casting values in arrays

You can cast all the values in a single array by using a simple equation:

Or, you can also cast the values in a boolean:

  • Object Destruction

Destruction is an expression that helps in extracting data from arrays, objects, and maps. You can directly get the variables using the following syntax:

  • Better debugging using performance

Most developers are only aware of the standard console.log function for debugging the code. But the console function has many more features. It has a time and timeEnd function which can help in measuring performance. 


Read on to know more about the tricks and best practices of JavaScript language.

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