By WalkingTree   June 25, 2020

DevOps plays an important role in today’s rapidly growing technology. This new decade brings customer and business expectations for speed with unfailing accuracy, reliability, and security for code. Let’s take a look at the top 5 DevOps trends for 2020.

Continuous Integration and Deployment, but not Continuous Release

Companies of all sizes are working towards CI/CD for getting code into production more quickly. But most consumer or B2B businesses do not want to change the user experience or if you put it in simple words, they don’t want continuous release.  Most consumers resent change and hence business owners are only focusing on continuous integration and deployment and not continuous release. 

Leveraging existing workflows

This year, you can find many SaaS vendors working closely with existing enterprise tools to make those tools more powerful and without changing the user experience. 


Giving an option to the users to personalize an app has become a popular thing now. More and more apps let you customize your experience to a great extent. Personalization gives users more control. 


Another exciting possibility of increased personalization is better support for different accessibility needs. Rather than trying to make a single accessible page, enterprises can use personalization to tune for exactly what different people need.

Scientific Thinking 

The scientific method is not taught in most computer science programs, because it wasn’t until recently had the fast feedback loop that would make it useful.  Most common questions like include:

  • What is the current state of the system?
  • What change am I making?
  • How can I measure a change’s impact?

Enterprises have to ask these questions to their teams and get meaningful answers.

Read on to know more about the trends of DevOps in 2020.


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