By WalkingTree  January 04,  2021

5 common DevOps myths

DevOps leaves plenty of room for interpretation and assumptions. DevOps is all about enabling people to collaborate across different roles to deliver value to end-users. When making that shift, it is easier to take stock of what DevOps is, and it’s better to bust those myths that typically hold back DevOps true potential. 

Myth 1 – There is a ‘right’ way to do DevOps

This myth is not true. Every organization has different needs and goals. The tools and processes that worked in one company are not guaranteed to have the same impact in a different company.

Myth 2 – Buying DevOps tools = doing DevOps

Investing in the right tools is important, but that doesn’t fast-track enterprises to the road to success. Choosing the right tools is vital, but every organization needs a progressive DevOps culture. 

Myth 3 – DevOps is the same as agile development 

This is a common myth. Processes such as agile and lean programming and other models are an important part of DevOps but do not define what DevOps actually is. 

Myth 4 – DevOps and security teams can exist separately

DevOps teams have found ways to speed up software delivery through automation, but disjointed security processes still slow them down. DevSecOps brings IT security into DevOps teams to ensure that security is prioritized at every step of the development cycle. 

Myth 5 – DevOps is only about increasing software quality and stability 

DevOps is not just about shipping software quickly, it’s more about increasing the value of the entire organization and the users of the software. 

Read on to know more about DevOps myths and whether they are true or not.

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