By WalkingTree  January 20,  2021

4 Ways to Scale DevOps in 2021

January is a month full of goal setting and preparing for the year ahead. Setting certain goals is helpful for businesses, it gives a clear picture of where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Let’s take a look at some of the DevOps-related initiatives in order to scale. 

Tighten Security – Securing an organization’s infrastructure is the top priority for technology leaders. Security should be baked into DevSecOps, from the design phase and all the way to application maintenance. Automated security measures can be applied to the full life cycle of product development and make development time faster and smoother in the long run.

Organizational Culture – DevOps should evolve from an individual role to a more cultural approach. Organizations should foster a DevOps culture rather than trying to identify specific individuals in DevOps roles. 

Simplify Infrastructure – There are numerous cost and security vulnerabilities such as complexity, over time, technical debt, and many more. It’s better to create a roadmap to move towards self-service and building platforms. This way, teams will identify opportunities to simplify and will also remove complexity.

SLAs and SLOs – Service level agreements (SLAs) and service level objectives (SLOs) need to be redefined and monitored to ensure that the development team is fulfilling them. Also, make sure to define what reliability means for your organization. 

Read on to know more about scaling DevOps in 2021.


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