By WalkingTree   October 15th,  2020

4 principles to effectively secure your CICD pipeline

CI/CD plays an integral role in DevOps. It enables more frequent code changes, automated software testing, and continuous workflow while optimizing the product development cycle. 

To establish and optimize the CI/CD development model and use the benefits effectively, companies need to build an effective pipeline. It’s best to follow certain principles to effectively secure your CI/CD pipeline and automate the testing process.

Let’s take a look at some of these principles:

  1. Reliability – It is important to choose a tool that rightly fits your organization and can be used for multiple cases. There are numerous tools to choose from, for example, Jenkins, CircleCI, GitLab, Teamcity, and many more. In case you are confused, you can always test it out and choose the best one according to your needs. 
  2. Keep it fast and simple – Keep your CI/CD pipeline as fast as possible. Try to cover all the failure possibilities, prioritize tests in test suits to discover errors early on, also at the same time make sure that any change doesn’t result in an error. 
  3. Run & build in an isolated environment – Always run your CI/CD pipeline in an isolated environment, this ensures security and a more productive environment. Use any container tool to run the test suits, this ensures that the pipeline is running in complete isolation. 
  4. Staging and Production Environment – A CI/CD pipeline goes through the staging stage to run tests and later the application is automatically shifted to a production environment. Try to maintain uniformity between staging and production environment to avoid any delay in production due to unforeseen errors.

Read on to know more about some CI/CD practices everyone should be following.


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