By WalkingTree   April  30, 2020

3 ways DevOps can increase the value of organizational data

Enterprises have a vast data of resources which can be fully extracted. It’ll not only answer some of the toughest questions but also meet the organizational needs and goals. This is how the concept of data mining came into the picture. DevOps engineer’s vision can help organizations utilize data and build fresh strategies into the applications they create. Let’s dive into some of the ways DevOps can increase the value of organizational data. 

  • Use multiple processors to scale processes

Central data repository facilities provide analytics for an organization, especially for companies making heavy use of Business intelligence (BI). This also gives a huge demand for DevOps to deliver adequate performance. 

  • Connect data silos for deeper understanding

Silos interact and relate to each other. They can treat organizations’ data stores as a one complete and interactive source. Not just this, it is also possible to combine internal datasets with external sources.

  • Advanced analytics to tighten datacenter security

Dashboards allow staff to interrogate log files and other security datasets in near-real-time. Also, spatiotemporal analysis—the ability to combine and analyze time and location data—is becoming valuable for forensics.

Read on to know more about DevOps and organizational data


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