By WalkingTree   October 06 , 2020

3 key ways DevOps benefits a business

DevOps doesn’t involve developers taking on IT operations tasks. Nor does it require operations staff to learn to code. DevOps puts an organization’s developers and operations teams much closer together than they are in a traditional structure.

This collaboration can be a challenge to implement. Why then should you make the change to DevOps? What are the ways DevOps benefits a business? Let’s take a look at three central benefits of DevOps adoption, and the business value you should expect to get out of them.

Faster deployments, more responsive teams – Business owners want a stable environment, but they also want to be able to rapidly deploy changes. DevOps help achieve both the goals through the use of frequent, but small changes to code, typically accomplished through a CI/CD process.

Deployments that keep the UX tight – Seamless collaboration between the developers and operations teams will help them make informed decisions. For example, the developers want to code and not maintain infrastructure and as such have specific requirements.

Operations staffers can apply the requirements in a manageable way, such as ensuring that servers are built accordingly. The two groups can also work together to implement infrastructure as code if the platform needs to scale rapidly. All this helps build a better user experience.

Better-informed staff, more customer engagement – The operations team takes care of the users and keeps them well informed, while developers can push ahead with their work. Operations staff can also troubleshoot and address user problems. The collaboration in a DevOps structure also forces developers and ops professionals to keep quality, up-to-date documentation.  

Read on to know more about DevOps and its benefits.


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