By WalkingTree  April  26,  2021

The pandemic has made small, medium, and large enterprises around the world work remotely and eventually discover and learn what Digital Transformation is. Enterprises are mainly looking to integrate multiple digital technologies such as IaaS, SaaS, Machine Learning, AI, and more to empower various business departments in the business. 

Did you know? Tech companies in Asia spent about 16.5 billion dollars on digital transformation projects in 2020.

Although Digital Transformation might sound simple, it cannot be achieved with a one-dimensional strategy. Digital transformation needs the integration of all these three elements i.e People, Process, and Platform to integrate and deliver a successful outcome.  Let’s take a closer look at each element. 

  1. People – People in an organization must be trained to operate with an agile mindset. This includes understanding the purpose of their job responsibilities, how the job description aligns them to the business goals, and applying design thinking while creating and responding to change. 
  2. Processes – Processes in the business must be redesigned to remove friction between other business processes to deliver the desired outcome and improve customer and employee experience. The organization’s selling process must align with the customer’s buying process. 
  3. Platforms – Platforms that the company chooses must pass the criteria of the digital operating model that allows scalability, security, analytics, low-code or no-code integration to other digital platforms via APIs. 

Read on to know more about Digital Transformation and its 3-dimensional strategy for a higher chance of success.


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